Linear Ball Bearing

LM8UU LM10UU LM12UU Linear Ball Bearings for 3D Printer

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LM8UU LM10UU LM12UU 3D Printer Linear Ball Bearing

1. Using bearing steel material, double-sided rubber seal linear motion ball bearing bushing.
2. Ideal for linear motion on 3D printers, cnc and other applications.
3. These ball bearings are fitted with two rubber dust seals to keep out dust, water and foreign objects.
4. Bearings may require a lubrication and break-in period.
5. Smooth movement, low friction, high rigidity and long service life. Economical and easy to maintain and replace.

Linear ball bearings are a linear motion system for a combination of linear travel and cylindrical shafts. Because the bearing ball is in contact with the outer point of the bearing, the steel ball rolls with the smallest frictional resistance, so the friction force of the linear ball bearing is small, stable, and does not change with the bearing speed, so the linear motion can be obtained with high sensitivity and high precision. The consumption of linear ball bearings also has its limitations. The most important thing is that the bearing has poor impact load capacity and poor bearing capacity. Secondly, linear ball bearings have high-speed vibration and noise.