Linear Ball Bearing

High precision 25mm linear ball bearing LM25UU LM30UU LM35UU

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Linear ball bearings (also called ball bushings or shaft guides) consist of a polymer cage and raceway segments made of hardened steel to guide the ball sets throughout the system. Recirculating balls provide infinite travel and low friction motion. You can power the Linear Ball Bearing with a drive mechanism, inertial or manually. We currently offer 8mm and 12mm ID sizes compatible with our stainless steel shafts of the same size. Our steel snap rings fit perfectly on the lips of these bearings. These bearings are ideal for 3D printers, animatronics and other projects that require a low friction sliding mechanism.

Where are linear ball bearings used?

Linear bearings are used in machine tools, sliding doors, 3D printers, and various automation settings where friction reduction and linear motion are required.

Linear ball bearings are a linear motion system for a combination of linear travel and cylindrical shafts. Because the bearing ball is in contact with the outer point of the bearing, the steel ball rolls with the smallest frictional resistance, so the friction force of the linear ball bearing is small, stable, and does not change with the bearing speed, so the linear motion can be obtained with high sensitivity and high precision. The consumption of linear ball bearings also has its limitations. The most important thing is that the bearing has poor impact load capacity and poor bearing capacity. Secondly, linear ball bearings have high-speed vibration and noise.